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Our mission in the fresh produce industry: The relentless creation of extraordinary success together with our partners.


About The Produce Exchange

Founded with passion


The Produce Exchange was founded with one goal in mind: to transform the unpredictable nature of the fresh produce industry to an exceptional level of reliability. To achieve this, we've revamped the produce business model allowing us to bring unbridled success to the entire supply chain. We carefully select, develop protocols and grow item varieties that reach the quality you desire. We farm in ideal micro-climates to provide reliable and quality products year round, order to order. Our dedication and hard work assures attention to detail and results in your success 


Marty Mazzanti

Marty founded The Produce Exchange and today functions as Chairman of the Board, as well as works with key accounts and on special projects.

Marty grew up on his family farm in San Jose, CA where he picked, packed and shipped tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and beans. He began selling tomatoes in a fruit stand on his family farm when he was just five years old. He has been selling tomatoes ever since. The 70’s grew his experience in the supply chain in food service and produce brokerage. First Marty partnered with his brother-in-law delivering fresh produce to restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In the mid-seventies he then joined forces with a well-respected Northern California produce broker and continued to learn all aspects of the business.

Marty founded The Produce Exchange in 1979 with a vision of transforming the unpredictable nature of the fresh produce industry to an exceptional level of reliability. To that end, The Produce Exchange pioneered “FACT”, a proprietary taste-testing process that insures that only produce with the best flavor makes it to market. The Produce Exchange continues to specialize in the Tomatoes and Dry Vegetables categories and focuses on creating and nurturing long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships. 

Sam Jones

In his ten years of supermarket experience, Sam learned what quality means to the actual consumer. He found what sells and what the customer wants. Next, while working for a wholesaler, his consolidation and efficiency skills were honed even further. In 1980, Sam joined TPE as a salesman and has been able to apply this powerful blend of experience to the benefit of both customers and growers. Sam today serves as the company President and VP of Sales.

Don Held

As a CPA, Don sees the business in the transaction. His varied experience in agri-business has given him the perfect background to be the company’s VP of Business Development. His years as a CPA, growers representative and management consultant brings TPE the ideal marriage of agriculture and business. He knows first-hand what it is like to negotiate a contract for computer leases, water or labor. He understands the daily needs of the business and brings a practical view to dreams and opportunities.

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