Remote Desktop for Mac

Mac OS X Users:

If you are using an iMac, MacBook or MacPro, please follow the instructions below:.

Step 1: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store


Step 2: Download the TPE connection file

Click here to download the RDP file to connect to TPE

You should then see "Connect-to-TPE" file in your Downloads folder.

Step 3: Connecting to TPE

  • Double-click on the "Connect-to-TPE" file

If you see a dialog stating that the identity cannot be verified, click "Connect Always"

You will then be prompted to enter your username and password.

Type in "TPE\[your login name]" in the username box and the password (same as the one you use to login here @ work) and click OK

Note: If you are having trouble connecting, please email or call 925-454-8700 ext 211 to get hold of our On-Call person