Don't make decisions in a vacuum

Our Supply Intelligence services give you information you need to make the right purchasing decision for your company. From daily purchasing decisions to optimizing your product offering for maximum profits, we've got you covered.

Sourcing, Intelligently

The Produce Exchange has built its business on its ability to proactively navigate the constantly changing sea of supply and demand in the North American fresh produce market. We are focused on building year-round supply expertise and relationships in every American growing region, as well as many in Europe and South America.
  • Daily market pricing and availability by growing region
  • Historical data since 1997
  • Proprietary forecasting model
  • Specialize in future promotions and long term pricing agreements

If we know it, so will you!


We'll get it there (wherever "there" is)

Our experienced logistics team utilizes both a company-owned fleet and trucking partners to meet your needs. Our sophisticated route optimization system was developed to support complex route building requirements and to improve freight times and reduce mileage.



  • Less than truck load (LTL) at full truck load rates
  • Direct store delivery (DSD) service to most U.S. markets
  • Real-time truck monitoring to proactively address issues and improve communication with clients maximizing on-time and reliability.
  • Warehouse facilities are strategically located in AZ, CA, MN and WA
  • Fast and accurate transferring of product between our facilities so all commodities are where you need them
  • Broad customer spectrum provides many advantages such purchasing all a produce grower might need to sell 

It's the team that makes it happen

From grower to customer, relationships are built on a foundation of trust. With strong relationships maximum success is achieved. Selecting partners, understanding their needs and building trust are critical to building a model of success.


  • Our success is dependent on long-lasting, strong relationships with all of our partners, from growers and shippers to customers and seed companies.
  • Success is built on satisfying the needs of all. 
  • The broad customer spectrum provides many advantages such purchasing all a produce grower might need to sell.
  • With short-term and long-term goals in every transaction, we provide value today while focusing on building a long term model of success with our partners. 
  • Long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships are essential and true success means success for all.

Win/Win/Win. We can't think of a better way to describe it.


Leave gambling to Vegas

Customized category management services help you achieve your category profit, margin, volume, turnover, shrink and out-of-stock goals without hiring additional staff.


Category Management

  • Know what consumers prefer and tailor your product offering for optimal performance based on current market conditions
  • Collaboration to develop measurable category goals and evaluation of performance
  • Execution plans and reviews, which include both quantitative and qualitative analysis (ex. lessons learned and growth opportunities)
  • Holistic approach, supply expertise, continuous consumer preference, research and proprietary retail price tracking database; take your product mix, pricing strategies, promotions and inventory management to new levels
  • Transaction costs are minimized by sharing information and efficiencies are gained by stream-lining order processing and minimizing shrink.

Trust the experts

With a range of retail support services to help create excitement and reach category goals, we collaborate with buyers, merchandisers, and store produce managers to develop retail strategies that deliver optimal results.

Retail Support 

  • Year-round supply expertise and relationships in every American growing region, as well as many in Europe and South America.
  • Tailored training and material to educate everyone from buyers to store personnel
  • Time-proven fundamentals, key product attributes and usage data
  • Innovative techniques to help you become more effective and efficient
  • Training includes handling, storage, quality control, store sets and cashier accuracy

The influence of store sets, from signage to samples, cannot be overstated!