Mission and Values


Our mission in the fresh produce industry:

The relentless creation of extraordinary successes together with our partners.

We are:

Experts and Category Specialists

Proactive Solutions with Innovative Services

The Oracle at TPE:

We will help you know when and why it will happen.

The Produce Exchange: The Benchmark Standard

Our Values

Strength of Character

We do what we say we will do - we are accountable.
When we blow it, we admit it and fix it.
Our word is our bond.
Our integrity and high standards are paramount.


Our people are important - it’s the team that makes it happen.
Long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships are essential.
Openness, flexibility, respect, support and trust are a must.
Our performance brings value to our business building partnerships

Growth and Commitment

To stretch is to be alive - personal growth and professional development are imperative.
We try it, risk it, and learn from our mistakes.
The market determines our value: our job is to step up to the plate.


Optimum performance requires enjoyment - we will have fun.
When things get too serious, we lighten up with humor for the health of it.
We refuse to be under-laughed.


We have a fire burning in our belly.
Our dedication is 110%.
Our passion insures our higher standard

Our values are non-negotiable