The Grow

We Only Pick (and grow) The Best!

Victory Garden features the best of what we grow. Each Victory Garden product represents our best efforts to bring unique value to produce markets and food service operators alike.


Get to know Victory Garden

Our Victory Garden® line of fresh produce feature products of exceptional value and benefit. It starts with the best seed varieties hand-selected by our in-house experts who have more than 30 years of produce selection experience.

Planting the seeds of happiness (or at least some really great produce.)

All great produce begins as a single seed. We travel the world seeking produce varieties that have that extra something. For that tomato with extraordinary flavor, or those bells that are consistently blocky and crisp, our pursuit remains an important part of our product offering. 

New Item Evaluation and Selection

  • Committed to innovation though exciting and new products and strong performing staples
  • Partnering with all major seed companies and breeders allows us to seek out and find exciting new opportunities in fresh produce
  • Attend annual trials in Europe and other parts of the world
  • Internal seed trials validate growing protocals and product performance before bringing to market
  • Variety evaluation based on selected characteristics for each item such as flavor or productivity

Our produce farms

Farming is our passion


The Heart of Produce

  • Strategically located farms in several critical microclimates
  • Year-round supply while managing quality at the highest level
  • With total crop control, from variety selection to growing protocols; insures consistent quality and supply
  • Our innovation at the farm is evident in our unique varieties and consistent quality


From our farming practices to our quality inspection and controls, our commitment to responsible practices is unwavering. It's what we do.

Farming for the Future

Using the best farming practices is an important step insuring the ground and resources we use are preserved for future generations to utilize and enjoy. We believe it is important to to giving back all that mother nature has given us. From ground water management to insuring vital nutrients remain in the soil and are replenshed, it is our way of making sure we return the bounty we are given.

  • Eurogap farming practices
  • Routune 3rd Party inspections and certifications
  • Organic certification through

Food safety is integral to all we do 

All our employees, from accounting to warehouse personnel, attend mandatory food safety training. We require grower assessment programs for all major suppliers and food safety documentation for all our partners. Our IT systems meet all installed and proposed trace-recall legislation. Food safety isn't a just a process, it's a commitment we make every day

Our commitment is unwavering


Food safety is paramount at The Produce Exchange and we've been at the forefront of food safety principles since the company was founded.

  • HACCP and GMP Third Party Audits on Annual Basis
  • Organic Certification
  • Food Security Program
  • Dock random sampling for pesticide residue and microbiological testing
  • Documented employee training on Food Safety and Food Security
  • Grower assessment program
  • Trace recall program
  • Analysis of food contact surfaces
  • Trailer inspection policy to ensure safe transportation of produce
  • Certified Food Safety & Security Team located at each facility
  • Complete Customer Compliance